Run Logs

I came. I whined. I ran a couple miles. I love to run. And I love to write. But finding the motivation to do both or either regularly is hard as fuck. In this little corner of the Internet, I'm attempting to kill both those two birds with the metaphoric stone that is my love for whining. As a result, these posts aren't exactly coherent, so yeah, you've been warned. I hope you find some entertainment from these posts.

  • Woof Woof Woooooof

    3 miles in 44:41m 34C / 92 F, Hot and Polluted Cars in Indian traffic are like dogs at a dog park. Reasonably well behaved, till one dog's barking sets them all off.

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  • Day 2000

    3 miles in 47 mins 32C / 89 F, Hot and Dusty Took two days off, intentionally(?). Super hot. Like really, really hot. And dusty. Source of motivation today: The idea of Day 2000.

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  • 🇮🇳 Independence Day and Dump Trucks

    3 miles in 45 mins 27C / 80 F, Cloudy Quiet Saturday morning, perfect running weather, the first 10 mins were great, can't complain much. Listening to a podcast. And then I came across *eleven* garbage disposal trucks in *three* miles.

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