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  • Hello, Ghost

    Welcome to the brand new blog! Looks exactly the same as the old one, doesn’t it?

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  • The Elephant on the Blog

    I wanted to check in and address the elephant on my blog - and also clean the slate and make way for new posts.

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  • Whatever It Takes

    I’m setting myself a goal of creating 50 projects in the next 52 weeks. That’s going to require a fairly ambitious one project a week pace.

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  • 2015: A Year in Review

    A quick review of 2015.

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  • Rabbit Holes

    One of my favorite pursuits in the world, is to follow rabbit holes on the Internet. The best way I can characterize this is as a combination of releasing your mind out in to a state of play/curiosity, and also developing ADHD at the same time.

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  • Not all who wander, are lost

    A long sequence of events and decisions blearily stumbled over one another to lead me to where I am today - sitting on the floor, in an empty apartment, overlooking Lake Union, and typing this up for you.

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