The Elephant on the Blog

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington DC · Photo by mana5280

Hey there. It's been a while since you and I talked. I feel like I should take responsibility for it, but you know how life is, and you also definitely know my track record when it comes to blogging.

I wanted to check in and address the elephant on my blog - and also clean the slate and make way for new posts. I find myself writing again in this time of my life, introspecting, thinking and plain enjoying the exercise of distilling thoughts and imprinting them on digital paper.

First, let's talk about the elephant. Over four years ago, I wrote an ambitious post titled Whatever It Takes. I publicly proclaimed that I would complete 52(!) weeks of projects, and post about them at the end of each week. I posted about exactly zero of them.

I wrote that post when I was feeling the need to create some vast, public body of work - and allowing work to consume every aspect of who I was. My social life was nearly zero, and about to be de-prioritized even more. And I had not yet discovered tools to better understand and integrate with my emotions.

Over the course of that year, I did work on several side projects1 - however, I also stumbled into an opportunity of a lifetime - as a technical co-founder of a game development company. This job quickly consumed the next three years of my life with its highs and lows - and I was fortunate to experience growth spurts in many different aspects of my character.

So that's the follow up to Whatever It Takes - some closure for you and for me. At this point, you might be wondering why not just delete that post on this already deserted blog. Nobody would even know (or care?). But I would know, and you would know. And lord knows I can reduce the already sparse post count. This just felt right - to address it and talk about how some ambitious plans don't stick or even take off - that's some relatable content right?

Currently, I'm doing a lot of introspecting and writing. I am on an active hunt for new opportunities (right in the middle of this globally strange time2) - and finding joy in the little things.

Although, I find myself writing a lot nowadays, I'm not going to end this post with a "Here's to more new posts" or some such aspirational promise. Rather, I'm gonna end with a - I hope I see you again real soon.

  1. Which I am certainly far too lazy to dig up right now, but you can go look at my Github/Gitlab history if you're really curious. ↩︎
  2. Future Vidur, if you're confused, I am referring to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, and you have been in a stay-at-home lockdown for over four months at the time of writing this.  ↩︎